All about Brazil and Brazilian Portuguese

Learn Portuguese: HOW

You can learn Brazilian Portuguese in a variety of ways, depending on your interests, motivation, learning style, time availability and location in the world.

The TRADITIONAL FACE-TO-FACE CLASSROOM is still a great way to learn a new language. However, as the others, this learning mode alone has limitations and research has shown that it presents best results when combined and enhanced with some of the technologies currently available–online or through various media such as CDs/DVDs. The combination of face-to-face meetings and other technologies makes up what is called BLENDED LEARNING.

With the advent of video-conferencing tools, a new teaching mode has presented excellent results. That is another type of face-to-face approach: ONLINE FACE-TO-FACE. In this way, teacher and students meet each other in real-time, over tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts and have interactive classes as if they were in the same room.  This is the ideal learning approach for learners who need flexibility of time and place while  having the face-to-face interaction with the instructor and all its benefits for the learning process.

For students who want to learn on their own, there are learning material available online or in CD/DVD format.  In addition to reading, the learner can hear audios and watch videos, which are indispensable for the lonely task of SELF-INSTRUCTION on a new language.

Thus, depending on the student availability and interest, here are the MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS OF LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE:

BLENDED LEARNING (in person face-to-face + books, CDs/DVDs, online resources)

ONLINE FACE-TO-FACE (online face-to-face + books, CDs/DVDs, online resources)

SELF-INSTRUCTION (alone, using books, CDs/DVDs, online resources)